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Well after 100 hours of therapy because of my knee surgery… Steve and I took a break and played to SRO audiences at our scheduled dates in Phoenix, Arizona at the 'Maricopa Center' for performing arts, and at the beautiful 'Pechanga' Hotel & Casino in Southern California near Palm Springs.

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Still a little unsteady… I had to think about how to re-think my usually dramatic wardrobe a bit in order to accommodate my new look and interesting walking style. I never thought I could sing unless I was wearing 4 inch platform heels (which is how this thing happened in the first place over 8 years ago…)

Luckily, I found some black velvet ballet style flat shoes while shopping in my closet and to my surprise I also found a beautiful 'Bob Mackey' big shirt trimmed in black velvet and glimmer with matching tank and black velvet pants. Now that was just plain old 'Karma'. Actually 'Karma' is my mantra…and my mantra done told me…never mind…that's for another blog.

During rehearsal they cut two inches off my on stage stool so I could reach the top of seat.
Of course, Steve is so caring, he wanted to cut the piano legs down and make the entire orchestra bend over to make it all look normal for me. But instead, my lighting director lit me mostly from the waist up when I wasn't negotiating the enormously huge stage… and with Steve's powerful arms around me…I was ready to rock and roll, or at least… I was ready for 'Dancing With The Stars'. Either one I could do.

When we returned from our brief tour… Steve and I escaped for a few days to our sand castle on the beach in Malibu. (Pictured above) When the tide comes in… the house goes out… and just basically hang out at the drug store waiting for prescriptions and occasionally run into Mel Gibson or Britney Spears. Terribly Exciting You Know!

Then my back doctor, made an appointment for me to do some acupuncture with the brilliant doctor Gu. Who you say? Gu I say!

She could only give me three treatments before leaving to visit her son in Stanford… Just as well… let me put it this way, she stuck me with so many needles that when I drank a glass of water, I had to put on a raincoat!

When Steve wasn't schlepping me from one of these exotic destinations to another…he escaped to 'Capitol Records' to mix some wonderful brand new recordings he has done with the legendary 'Marion Evans'…due for release very soon. (Just for the record, Marion Evans is 6' 2" inches tall and a very courageous and secure man. Who else could go through his whole life with a name like 'Marion')

The re-mastered, blasting collaboration of Steve and Marion Evans…'Swingin West' was recently released and he and Marion had the #1 record in the country called "Go Away Little Girl" ! A gold record chart buster… which is included in Steve's double album "Winners/On A Clear Day" also available for your pleasure on our web site.


Thanks to all the fans who came a long way to see our shows…especially everyone from Las Vegas. Thanks to all the deejays who keep the music playing… and to all the reviewers who know that good music does not have an expiration date… It's always 'hip'…
We just love the mail…


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