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The closing of the "Stardust Hotel" was a Blast… 'Literally'... and with a lot of shots and meds I came through with flying colors. The actual surgery took place last Monday and I am on the road to recovery. With lots of therapy I will be as good as new and on the road again with vim, vigor and verve. If you believe that… then you can actually look into the tunnel and not see an oncoming train.

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Anyway not letting any grass grow under my knee… you may have noticed on our ever growing web site we have been diligently working on the re-issuing of our fabulous recordings that we made so long ago. The very latest being the very first album from me. The year was 1956. I was a regular member of the "Steve Allen Tonight Show". I had made some singles before this for Coral records that were very well received and so now with the great combined arranging and conducting talents of Don Costa, Marion Evans and Sid Feller I was ready to sing as I never had before on a real live album. Time Is A Friend of Mine!

The CD is Wonderful and Amazing… A Miracle Actually!

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To think of the recording technique used at that time... which we thought was so very hip… No stereo, no set up, two crummy speakers, three microphones... Total! One for the orchestra hung on a boom over the entire ensemble, one for the percussion and one for the vocalist. That would be me.

Also, the recording routine consisted of completing 4 sides in 3 hours that means 4 entire and complete recordings including the time spent rehearsing the orchestra and sometimes each musician when they had a special solo. Changes in the charts... musical fixes a change of mind in presentation, tempos, endings... also this was the first time anyone had seen the music or heard it… it is difficult for the great studio musicians but even more so for the arranger composer who had never heard what he had written before. Ooh... I forgot the 20 minute musician breaks which were usually more like 26 minutes.

The songs were easy for me. I could sing them in my sleep. I had already been on the great 'Steve Allen' show for three years out of a total of 5 years… and sang a different song or two every single night, no repeats, which was how I learned all the great standards written by the Great American Writers. The greatest thrill of all was meeting these giants and singing with them at the piano on live television which was a feature of the show. Talk about schooling!

I tried to treat the standards a little differently so as to make them more interesting to those who had heard and loved these songs for so many years. From 'New Faces' came "Guess Who I Saw Today" which I am proud to say became a new 'Standard" because of me, as well as "First Impression", 'Too Close For Comfort'' and "Ill Take Romance" which was already a big hit for me. One day I ran into Oscar Hammerstein on Fifth Avenue; he said to me, "What did you do to my song?" I replied... "Pretty good... huh?" he said, "No, not good... Great!... Wow!"

So order lots of Steve and Eydie CD's now just for your own pleasure, you will be glad you did. Put them in your car immediately because traffic is a horror at this time of year... Fasten your seat belt, be safe and comfortable, listen to Steve and Eydie, and breeze through your trip home or wherever you are going. This will be a smooth ride.

Free priority shipping is our Free gift to you with the purchase of two or more of any of the
Steve & Eydie CD's.


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