InTune International Spotlights


Eydie's remarkable familiar voice is here with some great, varied, distinguished arrangements. It's like time has stood still for her. You are enchanted here with varied cinema song masterpieces. For example, "The Look Of Love" reaches some amazing high noted Pat Williams baton led singing. There's a Marty Manning arranged "It Had To Be You" with its lovely verse intact. It's truly glorious vocalizing.

The many arrangements are varied. They are all impressively artistic. Nelson Riddle was aboard for "TheWay WeWere". What a gigantic sound he built for Eydie without really overpowering her. Nelson and Ms. Gorme are at their peak here. The lyrics start at the foreground and almost in 3D fashion pop out at you. This creative process ardently brings to the foreground her engaging long held notes. Listen to an exquisite Michel Legrand arrangement for his own, "The First Time". This was my first time hearing this exquisite, sincere, romantic movie song, as brief as it is here.

But it's really the ideal and essential Don Costa arrangements that support Ms. Gorme like a well-fortified glove. What miracles he created for her on "I Remember You", "Long Ago and Far Away", "As Time Goes By", "You'll Never Know" and the special "It Was A Good Time". That last song is a treat. Her sweeping vocal goes around and around like a grand musical merry merry-go-round. What an extremely well orchestrated build-up to a fine crescendo it is. Here's a carefully drawn 20 song no misses CD that will never ever possible go out of style.


**"The Look Of Love" (Bacarach/David)
"It Had To Be You" (Jones/Kahn)
"TheWay WeWere" (Bergmans/Hamlish)
"The First Time" (Lampert)
"I Remember You" (Mercer/Schertzinger)
"Long Ago and Far Away"(Kern/Gershwin)
"As Time Goes By" (Hupfield)
"You'll Never Know" (Gordon/Warren)
"It Was A Good Time" (Jarre/David/Curb)